Granola,yogurt and fresh berries

A super healthy breakfast bowl 🥣

I recently posted my recipe of Granola and wanted to share how I turn my morning cereals into a colorful and delicious breakfast bowl 🤤.

I know it might sound silly, but make sure you choose a container that is easy to eat out of and gives you just enough space to decorate. If the bowl is too small you will not be able to enjoy the breakfast, whilst being too big, will either be too much or will not keep all the goodies together.

Pour in the yogurt, low fat or whole depending on your choice, followed by the granola. The receipt I presented in previous post has already dried fruits in it but you can always add / leave them out, depending on your taste buds. Nuts, seeds or other cereals will work as well, just as long as you are mindful of the balance.😅

Top with favorite berried and fresh fruits for extra color and texture. You might want to go here with seasonal budget-friendly fruits and even frozen berries. If you want to ensure the quality of your frozen fruit then it’s time to consider buying when largely available and freezing them yourself in. It does occupy some space in your freezer, but you will definitely get much more back in taste and flavor.

After 5-7 minutes you made yourself a beautiful breakfast to enjoy in quiet. Should you be in a hurry, top the ingredients in the same order in a to-go container and enjoy later.

Ready for another busy day 💕


⏳ 5-7 mins

Serves: 🥣


  • 150ml of Yogurt
  • 10g Dried fruit/nuts if not in granola
  • 20g of fruits, fresh / frozen
  • Honey (optional)


  1. Choose a bowl and pour in the yogurt
  2. Layer with granola
  1. Sprinkle with dried fruits and/or nuts
  2. Top with fresh berries
  3. If not sweet enough, use 1 tsp of honey to dazzle over