The best homemade tomato-paprika sauce

We all have at least one favorite recipe that has tomatoes sauce in it; weather it is pasta, pizza or any other goodie, finding the perfect sauce without compromising on the heathy and tasty aspect might be quite tricky business.

And although buying a ‘ready made’ sauce might look as being the only / easiest way out, this simple recipe will convince you that homemade tomato-paprika sauce is simply THE BEST 🤤

Remember all those tomatoes and paprikas you have in you fridge that are ‘bagging’ to be used in elevating your dishes?

Cut them in pieces, together with some ( green ) onions, garlic, 1 small chili, fresh thyme and basil leaves, layer on a baking tray, sprinkle salt, pepper and oil on top only to bake in the oven for about 25 minutes.

Oh dear, the yummylicious smell your house will have is unbelievable 😍 Not to mention the smoky taste that will make the perfect sauce-base🤤

Once everything is nicely baked, remove from the oven and place in a container. You will need a blender to smoothen the veggies out in order to turn them into the super tasty sauce we want

If you try this recipe during summer period when there is an abundance of flavorful veggies, your sauce will be at this point ready to be enjoyed. However, if it’s not tomato season, here is a tip 💡to give it that extra kick : concentrated tomato paste, about 2 full spoons for 500 g of homemade sauce

This deliciousness can be stored for up to 1 week in your fridge, on hand whenever you need a quick and fast jet tasty dinner, dipper or simply a red-based sauce.

And you do not even need exact quantities -it is all about the ‘forgotten’ veggies and the mindful usage of our food. After all, there is no excuse for ever throwing away food you so hard worked for to buy 🤓

Hope you all have a perfect day foodies 💕


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