Healthy chocolate snacks

I am simply in love with these bite-sized homemade snacks, made out of chocolate , topped with delicious nuts, dried fruits and granola 😍

Saw something similar at one of out local grocery shops and thought to give them a try and make them myself. And since we are focusing this year on having an even healthier lifestyle, though I should use homemade granola, raw nuts, bio dried fruits and dark black + white chocolate. This way we could enjoy something sweet jet delicious during the day, meant to give us that extra boost of energy we need.

Fruits, as we all know, contain a lot of natural sugar so they should be a first choice for a snack, however sometimes we do crave chocolate and this recipe is the perfect choice for having the best of both worlds, without having to grab those full of process sugar options so available nowadays.

If you are on a strict diet, choosing quality dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa will be the ideal option for you, but, if you do need some variations, do not forget about using white chocolate. Indeed, it contains more sugar than its ,,brother,, but if eaten mindfully, it will actually benefit your body and made you happier.

Hope this snack idea will delight you and make you week soooo much better .Have a good one friends 💕

⏳ 5 minutes to make, around 1h to harden

Serves : 10 serves for 30 g of chocolate


  • 30 g white or black chocolate
  • 1 teasp of coconut oil
  • nuts and dried fruit for topping
  • granola for extra crunchiness


    Break the chocolate into smaller pieces and place in a bowl
    Add the coconut oil and melt for 30 sec. in the microwave
    Lay backing paper, take a teaspoon of chocolate and make a round, flat shape on it
    Top with nuts, dried fruits and granola
    Let it for at least 1 h or overnight to harden
    Keep up to 1 week in a cool place and serve whenever you wish