Smart shopping : A know-how for healthy weekly groceries

People often ask where I shop for my weekly ingredients and when I say ‘at the local market’ or name a well known, budget friendly grocery store, they seem to be disappointed. 90% of us shop in similar places and groceries; the difference is given not by the location of where we shop, but HOW we do it.

Buying expensive products that will not be fully used or enjoyed is , in my opinion, just as bad as having an unhealthy lifestyle.

And I know, some of you will argue with my statement, as bio or hight priced items tend to be of a better quality and hence healthier. But think of the financial pressure you experience, when you do not get to enjoy your product because it’s staying for too long in your fridge or it just simply went bad to fast.

Stress and pressure is just as bad for your health as any processed food, so here is my small check-list on how to shop smartly and get the most ouf of your well spent money.

1. Plan your meals upfront and base your grocery list on it

This small step will have a huuuge impact on how you do your shopping, as it gives you an overview of the products that you actually need and eliminates all those ‘ extras’ that are on sales or too appealing, but not necessary.

And I know, sometimes you have these products on ‘offers that you can’t refuse’ and you will buy them , but than compromise . Change the menu on one of the planed day to accommodate the new productthis way you will take ownership of your expenses and ensure no products are wasted. Hence, more money in your pocket!

2. Be mindful about the quantity and the variety of the products

We are living with 2 , so buying 2 kg of oranges for example is not the best option for us, as we will not consume them all and hence half of them might end up in the bin.

Now you might say : ‘ why don’t you use them as base for other meals instead of throwing away’, but, in the end, we will go back to the same challenge – we create another meal which will be a surplus on the menu and other ingredients already planned will have to be left out. In this case I strongly believe Less is More !

Rather than buying in big quantities, go for 2-4 pieces of 4-6 different products. This way you will enjoy every day a ‘different fruit / veggie’, and thus will by default make you more excited about your food.

Which brings up a very interested aspect that some of us completely omit : variety! This is one of the key aspects that keeps me in shape at all time.

Planning your meals for 5-6 days upfront, will mean you need at least 4 different veggies / fruits. This way you will create variation for your food intake and hence ensure your body has all what it needs, without putting big effort in a day to day basis.

Same principle applies for the proteins, weather its meat, fish or vegan options such as tofu, soya, falafels and so on. Your body is your temple, so make sure you choose a diverse diet !

💡 Extra Tip: go for seasonal fruits and veggies ! Use mother nature in your advantage and take as much as possible the best it can offer.

3. Store your veggies smartly

There is a huge amount of tips and tricks online, on how to make your food last longer, by simply storing them right or placing them at hand reach.

Veggies such as broccoli or Apio celery will last longer if you wrap them in sliver foil and store them in the colder compartments of your fridge, whilst fruits should be very easy accessible for when you do crave for something sweet.

Mushrooms on the other hand are best kept in paper bags as it will absorb the condense and hence keep them fresh for longer.

Get to know the products you buy and how to use / keep them fresh as this will save you lots of money and make you live a healthier and more aware lifestyle. In a society full of processed, expensive food this small changes make the difference between your weekly usage and waste !

—————— 🌱—-—————-

These are my main 3 key point on how to smartly shop and minimize your waste while maximizing the usage of your products.

Let me know if you found the information above useful and if there are any other tropics you wish me to tangle / write about. Knowledge is the key to our daily success, and I will be more than happy to share / exchange day to day experience with you all.

Have a perfect day, friends 💕


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