Hummus – a super easy vegan delight for everyone to enjoy

Wether you are a vegan or not, this easy recipe is a must – know for any foodie – simple to make and so ideal for when you have friends over or just want to enjoy a colorful brunch / dinner.

Pair it with fresh greens, seeds, pomegranate, fresh bread / tortilla or even grilled chicken and you will create the perfect finger-food , the star of each gathering.

Let’s get straight to business foodies : how do we make this deliciousness?!

Step 1 : put all ingredients in a blander

Step 2 : Blend them all together until smooth, adding around 15 ml of water if too dry

Step 3 : place the hummus on a plate, sizzle with olive oil and decorate with fresh mix salad, seeds, pomegranate, and olives.

Tip 💡: for non- vegans or meat-lovers, add feta cheese and grill chicken breast at the table to create even more variety.

Step 4 : serve with fresh bread or homemade tortillas

And voila, your perfect dish is ready to be enjoyed with all your loved ones.

Hope you all enjoy this herby hummus to the fullest 💕


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