Oven dish – crazy delicious and super easy to make

It’s always a pleasure to hear from my friends and followers how much they love the food I make and share ☺️. Yesterday one of them expressed his love for cheesy oven dishes so I got inspired to make once again this stunning recipe.

Crazy delicious and super easy to make, this meal might not be the healthiest I eat, but it’s definitely a must try – believe me it is worth every calorie and time spend 😍

It has 3 main ingredients, takes about 50 – 60 minutes in total and it’s very affordable and handy when you crave for tasty comfort food but don’t want to spend too much time in making it.

So, let’s make it together.

Step 1 : prepare your ingredients

Boil 12 eggs and remove the peel.

Take 12 big slices of ham, preferably smoked kind, and make your béchamel sauce. You can always buy it at your local grocery store, but, if you are in a cooking mood, homemade sauce tastes always better.

I will share with you all my recipe on it soon, so stay tuned ☺️

Step 2 : get the oven hot, take out your ceramic ovenware and start wrapping those eggs

Turn on your oven to heat up at 180 degrees.

Take 1 slice of ham, lay the hard boiled egg on it and wrap it nicely to have everything covered. Do the same with all the eggs and arrange them in the ovenware.

At the end of this step, your dish should look similar to mine below :

Step 3: cover with béchamel sauce

Pour your sauce on top of the dish, then use a spoon to gently move the wrapped eggs in the pot to get the béchamel in between them, until it reaches the bottom of the ovenware. In end though, you should still have a fairly good amount of the sauce at the top.

And finally

Step 4: sprinkle cheese and chive on top of you dish, then pop in the oven

The cheese and chives are optional, but they will add extra flavor to you dish and give it a nicely golden, delicious crust.

Put the dish in the oven for 35-40 minutes or until the crust is beautiful golden.

And voila! Your perfect meal is ready.

Serve it with delicious baked / boiled potatoes and share it with all your loved ones.

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day friends 💕


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