Vivobox, a shop full of delicious goodies

A lot of times I get questions about my shopping habits, where I get my ingredients from and how I keep my budget on track. I am a strong believer of healthy food and, as I mentioned also in one of my previous posts, smart shopping does helps a lot if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle.

But you do need to find the proper grocery stores with good variety of products – hence, today I am going to talk about Vivobox, a cute, very cool store packed with delicious goodies. ( )

As a foodie, I am always in search of different veggie and fruits to prepare and cook. Nevertheless, if you don’t live in a big city, it can sometimes proof challenging to find shops that have a large variety of ingredients for making all those delicious healthy meals.

Lucky me, couple of months ago I entered in Vivobox, a small grocery store packed with all kinds of goodies. No wonder it became soon one of my favorite places to shop.

They have these super gorgeous fresh veggies and fruits and almost every week they bring in these super pretty special ingredients such as dragon fruit, papayas, fresh turmeric and soo many more. Besides these, you will find there a great selection of cheese, meat delicatessen, baking products, pasta, nuts, seeds and so much more. Best part?! You can order their great selection upfront so all you need to do is pick it up and enjoy with all your loved ones.

They also work with some local distributors, which I am a strong supporter of – as consumers, it is important to help the local businesses grow as they are our source of great, super fresh ingredients.

The owner, as well as his employees are always super friendly , greeting you with a smile and giving you great advise on what products you should choose and combine best.

And let’s not forget that each week, they have these special promotions which allows you save up on your grocery expenses. I hear CHA CHING in your pockets 🤩

But you don’t have to take my word for granted, just visit it yourself in Steenweg Hulst Lessen 61,Elversele or their site under ( Facebook also 😉 ) and let me know how you liked it. I am more than sure you will find at least 1 great product ( most likely more than one ) that you will take home with you.

Hope you have a perfect Thursday friends 💕


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