The ultimate healthy, no carbs, sweet potato and chickpeas patties

Do you love hamburgers but don’t enjoy them due to a no carbs lifestyle or diet ?

We were in the same situation as you and had to come up with a good recipe for buns, so that my family and I can still enjoy hamburgers to the fullest whilst still sticking to our healthy lifestyle.

And here is the result .

These patties are made with just a few ingredients, super easy to prepare and baked in the oven – this way you get the best out of this deliciousness, without too much trouble.

So, let’s make these babies 🤤

Step 1 : make the dough

For this recipe you will need to smash 2 large, baked sweet potatoes, 150 g of blended chickpeas, salt, pepper and one egg.

Mix the ingredients, add 70 g of breadcrumbs, or oatmeal, to the dough and keep combining everything together.

Step 2 : make the patties

Use a baking tray layered with baking paper and shape the patties, making them about 1,5 cm thick.

Layer them nicely and bake on each side for 12 minutes , at 180 degrees.

And voila, now you have some delicious patties for your hamburgers.

Are you ready to share them with you loved ones?

Have a great weekend friends. 💕


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  1. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    This one looks really good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much and have a perfect day 💕


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